Web Design & Brand Development

This project was (and is) near and dear to our hearts as The Storyist is actually a sister company to JSL Marketing & Web Design. Back when we mainly did copywriting, The Storyist was our place to share what was on our minds.

Reader Interactions

Creative Branding

We developed the website, branding, and logo for this site. The goal was to keep things clean while also incorporating a trendy “coffee shop” sort of feel. We did this through color tones, imagery, and overall design.

Mobile Friendly

Of course, the site is mobile friendly and fully responsive. At JSL Marketing & Web Design we design all our sites with mobile responsiveness in mind – because the vast majority of us look at websites directly from our phones.

User Friendly Design

Of course, we also needed this site to be user friendly and easy to navigate, so that is how we chose to design and layout the content. We were really happy with how this site turned out and while it’s not used as much today we still like to keep it around as a reminder of where we came from.