Web Design & Brand Development

This was a fun web design and branding project we worked on for local company Allazo Electronics. They came to us needing both a new website and fresh take on their logo and color scheme, and we were happy to take on the challenge.

Reader Interactions

Clear CTA’s

We designed this site to be clean and modern but also wanted to incorporate clear calls to action throughout the home page and the site in general. We also used mainly blue tones throughout the site to keep everything consistent with the brand.

Mobile Friendly

Of course, the site is mobile friendly and fully responsive. At JSL Marketing & Web Design we design all our sites with mobile responsiveness in mind – because the vast majority of us look at websites directly from our phones.

User Friendly

The end result was a user friendly and functional website that really works well for the brand and business. Clear calls to action and a “request a quote” form truly work to make the user experience simple, clear and easy from beginning to end.